Electric Vehicle Load Management through Onboard Telematics

Our platform provides utilities with smart charging, demand response, and electric vehicle research solutions for all automotive brands, without new hardware.


Rolling Energy Resources (RER) takes a new approach to managing electric demand from vehicle charging. We connect directly to the cars through their native APIs, utilizing systems that are already in place. Our solutions can control charging and monitor battery state-of-charge, regardless of where the customer plugs in.

E Source partners with RER

How fast will electric vehicle (EV) markets grow? Where will that growth come from? How much charging will be on peak vs. off peak hours? These are the questions that E Source is set to answer with this important data science platform called EV4Sight.

E Source has teamed with Rolling Energy Resources to get real time telematics information from electric vehicles to help power EV4Sight. Please check out E Source’s press release for more information.

Early Look at EV behaviors

Gain real-world insight from practitioners active in load management. Katie Parkinson, Rolling Energy Resources’ VP – Utility Services recently presented at the virtual PLMA Conference the early findings on electric vehicles monitoring from a Massachusetts baseline study. Get a copy here.


A seamless customer opt-in process and notifications for either EV research or load management programs.

RER Dispatcher, a utility portal for monitoring EVs, scheduling demand response events, and tracking results.


  • MyCharge Connect enables clients to connect to many EV brands
  • Secure, reliable, two-way data pipeline to customer EVs
  • Automated enrollment verification through charging location
  • Instantaneous control delivered over 4G
  • Persistent battery status monitoring for EV research
  • MyCharge Reports inform customers of their charging costs and drive satisfaction


We are a team of demand-side management professionals who are bringing our demand response and smart product expertise to the electric vehicle space.

Scott Dimetrosky

Co-Founder, CEO

Steve Foreman

VP – Product & Software  Engineering

Jon Koliner

Co-Founder, CTO

Brad Allred

Software Engineer II

Katie Parkinson

VP – Utility Services

Carl Kalin

Strategic Advisor

Dawn Wieber

Business Administrator

Dan Violette

Advisor & Member of the Board

Daniel Hartman

Customer Experience Manager

The Rolling Energy Resources Team is proud to partner with the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade as a winner of their Advanced Industries Award for Energy and Natural Resources.


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