Electric Vehicle Load Management and Research Using Onboard Telematics

Our platform provides utilities with smart charging, demand response, and electric vehicle research solutions for all automotive brands, without new hardware.


Rolling Energy Resources (RER) takes a new approach to managing electric demand from vehicle charging. We connect directly to the cars through their native APIs, utilizing systems that are already in place. Our solutions can control charging and monitor battery state-of-charge, regardless of where the customer plugs in.

ACEEE Presentation

Our energy experts were recently invited to present at a national energy conference where we were able to share some outcomes of an existing program with industry professionals from around the country. Click Here to read about our insights!


We are very pleased to receive this recognition and support by DOE for our work and vision to create innovative solutions for managed charging that DOE seeks to facilitate. RER will partner with Drive Clean Colorado and The City of Colorado Springs on the project. Read the DOE press release Here.

Learn more about the program and EV enrollment Here

RER Partners with Leading Utilities to Help Manage EVs

Rolling Energy Respources (RER) is proud to partner with industry-leading utilities providing our innovative platform for their EV driver programs. We are excited to announce two new 2022 collaborations with ComEd and Duke Energy. Both programs are making a positive difference in the EV driver’s experience and helping these utilities to better understand EV charing behaviors.

ComEd is providing EV drivers with knowledge about their charging patterns and insight into how much each driver is saving by owning an EV with a program called EV Companion. Duke Energy has expanded their relationship with RER into a second state by launching a EV driver information and charge management platform. RER is collaborating with iTron to deliver Duke Florida a comprehensive EV information solution via a progam called EV Complete.

Inside Look at EV behaviors

Gain real-world insight from practitioners active in load management. Katie Parkinson, Rolling Energy Resource’s VP – Utility Services recently presented at the Fall 2022 PLMA Conference on the findings for the Eversource CT demand response program. Get a copy here.


A seamless customer opt-in process and notifications for either EV research or load management programs.

RER Dispatcher, a utility portal for monitoring EVs, scheduling demand response events, and tracking results.


  • MyCharge Connect enables clients to connect to many EV brands
  • Secure, reliable, two-way data pipeline to customer EVs
  • Automated enrollment verification through charging location
  • Instantaneous control delivered over 5G
  • Persistent battery status monitoring for EV research
  • MyCharge Reports inform customers of their charging costs and drive satisfaction


We are a team of demand-side management professionals who are bringing our demand response and smart product expertise to the electric vehicle space.

Scott Dimetrosky

Co-Founder, CEO

Jon Koliner

Co-Founder, Chief Data Scientist

Dan Violette

Advisor and Board Member

Carl Kalin

Strategic Advisor

Katie Parkinson

VP – Utility Services

Steve Foreman

VP – Product & Software  Engineering

Kevin Cooney

VP- Market Strategy

Dawn Wieber

Operations & Communications

Daniel Hartman

Customer Experience Manager

Daijah Dillard

Customer Support Analyst

Kim Caesar

Technical Product Owner

Taylor Ogden

Front-End Angular Engineer

Jesse Mueller

Senior Software Engineer

Brad Allred

Software Engineer II

The Rolling Energy Resources Team is proud to partner with the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade as a winner of their Advanced Industries Award for Energy and Natural Resources.


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