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Help Your Growing EV Community

EV drivers are on the forefront of an emerging technology. Your participation helps pave the way for widespread adoption of EVs in your community.

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Learn What You're Paying To Charge

Electric vehicles are a great way to reduce your transportation expenses. With our MyCharge™ reports, you can learn exactly how much you are saving with your EV.

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Take Advantage Of Low Utility Rates

It may be possible to save even more when you learn how to take advantage of times when electric costs are lower than your normal utility rate. See the best times to charge.

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Help Us Make EVs The Future Of Transportation

When you register your vehicle on our platform, we can use your everyday charging habits to help make it possible for more EVs to be on the road. We believe in a future where the roads are quieter, the trees are greener, and the cars electric. You can help us make that future possible.

The EV Community

Your Community Is Counting On You

When you buy an EV, you join a growing group of people who are leading the charge on a transition from fossil fuel dependent vehicles to cleaner and quieter roads. Utilities need to be prepared and plan ahead for the increased electric demand. By joining our platform you will be helping the grid become more stable, thus accelerating the growth of EV adoption and infrastructure around the country. Check and see if your EV is compatible with our program to make electric vehicles the future of automobiles.

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Learn What You Are Saving By Driving Your EV


As an EV driver, you are already saving on average of $800 per year on fuel. You’ve graduated from paying “by the tank” at the local gas pump to paying “by the month” to power your vehicle, but your savings may not be so noticeable as your electricity bill increases when you charge at home.


We can help!

Rolling Energy Resources takes the mystery out of how much you are spending on charging, showing you exactly how much you save each month compared to what you would have spent to fill up your gas tank.

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You Can Save Even More On Your Charging

Did you know that some utilities offer discounts for charging at off peak hours? By taking a closer look at when you charge can reduce your EV charging costs by up to 60% in some cases. Here at Rolling Energy Resources we are looking to help you understand how to charge in a way that is not only beneficial for your community, but also for your bank account.

Check to see if you are eligible to sign up for our program and begin making a difference in your community and on your wallet.

See If Your Car Is Compatible

Check if you are eligible to join our program by clicking on the link below. Don’t worry if your vehicle is not compatible. You can still sign up and we will let you know as soon as your car is qualified. Together we can make EVs the future of transportation!

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