Rolling Energy Resources (RER), a fast-growing software company driving intelligent management of the electricity grid through electric vehicles, is pleased to announce that Bill LeBlanc has joined the company as Chief Catalyst. Bill brings a wealth of experience in the energy and utility industries that can be immediately applied at RER in the areas of consumer behavior, marketing, program design, electricity pricing, and design thinking/product development.

“Bill carries strong skills and knowledge to RER, plus he’s built a great deal of trust among utility professionals all over the U.S. through his prior work at E Source, EPRI, and as a consultant and public speaker,” says RER Co-Founder and CEO, Scott Dimetrosky. “He’ll be able to push RER forward right away and help fulfill our mission of ensuring that utilities can reliably fuel the future of clean transportation.”

“Bill always brings fresh perspectives to any project or conversation, which is why he’s been so successful in creating and launching new products in his career,” adds RER Board Member, Dan Violette. “He also constantly reminds all of us that a customer focus is essential to move markets forward, especially in times of change like we are seeing now in the utility industry.”

“I’m excited to join this already stellar team and apply my expertise in two areas I’m passionate about, electric transportation and climate change,” says LeBlanc. “Transportation electrification could either be very expensive for the grid—with painful electric rate and bill increases—or it could improve the efficiency of the grid and put downward pressure on rates, especially important for lower-income communities. This completely depends on when and how vehicles charge. That’s what RER is all about.”

Rolling Energy Resources is a leading electric-transportation company focused on precision management of when vehicles charge, in order to save money for consumers and businesses. RER helps promote and facilitate the use of energy at times of energy abundance, thus minimizing the need for utilities to invest in new power plants and grid upgrades. RER’s proprietary approach to managed charging through telematics—the existing intelligence in today’s electric vehicles—means that load control can happen no matter where the vehicle is located: at home, at work, or on the road. RER currently works with 15 utilities in 15 states and can connect with almost 20 of the most common electric vehicle brands.  

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