Welcome Colorado Springs EV Drivers!


We are proud to partner with Drive Clean Colorado on our recently awarded
Department of Energy Small Business Innovative Research grant.

We invite all EV drivers in the Colorado Springs area to participate in the project by enrolling your car on our platform. Enrolled drivers will receive a monthly MyCharge® report tool with their unique gas comparison and home vs. away charging data.

Help us give Colorado Springs the best possible EV charging network by participating.


Enroll early and we’ll give you up to $100! 

The first 50 drivers to enroll will receive $100, and the following 50 drivers will receive $50!

*Enrollment terms apply 

Help Your Growing EV Community

“To provide more EV charging infrastructure for [rental] buildings is how citizens that rent their homes will be able to look at electric vehicles as a viable option for their transportation needs.”

– Carlos Tamayo, Innovation Manager for The City of Colorado Springs

Learn What You're Saving

Electric vehicles are a great way to reduce your transportation expenses, but it is not always clear how much you are saving. With our MyCharge™ report gas comparison, you can see how much you are saving monthly on gas by driving an EV.


Do I Qualify?

If you own an EV in our brand list below, and live in the greater Colorado Springs area, you are likely eligible for our research program.

If you have any concerns or questions about enrollment or eligibility, feel free to reach out to support@rollingenergyresources.com.

    *Program qualifications and terms

    • Driver’s EV must be on the list of compatible, connected EVs. Please check here to see a list of compatible vehicles, and if applicable make sure your connection is still active.
    • EV driver must reside within the City of Colorado Springs or greater metropolitan area.
    • EV driver must agree to stay on the RER platform for at least four months. Driver can continue to stay in the program and receive monthly MyCharge™ reports at no cost for up to 12 months.
    • EV driver must provide current email to receive the incentive. The incentive is first come first serve with $100 for the first 50 eligible enrollments and $50 for the second 50 eligible enrollments.
    • Incentive payments will be paid via a Visa gift card upon completion of enrollment requirements.

    The EV Community

    Your Community Is Counting On You

    When you buy an EV, you join a growing group of people who are leading the charge on a transition from fossil fuel dependent vehicles to cleaner and quieter roads. Utilities need to be prepared and plan ahead for the increased electric demand. By joining our platform you will be helping the grid become more stable, as well as helping us develop an extensive charging network. Check and see if your EV is compatible with our program to make electric vehicles the future of automobiles.

    Interested in helping the EV community? Click below to enroll!

    Learn What You Are Saving By Driving Your EV


    As an EV driver, you are already saving on average of $800 per year on fuel. You’ve graduated from paying “by the tank” at the local gas pump to paying “by the month” to power your vehicle, but your savings may not be so noticeable as your electricity bill increases when you charge at home.


    We can help!

    Rolling Energy Resources takes the mystery out of how much you are spending on charging, showing you exactly how much you save each month compared to what you would have spent to fill up your gas tank.

    Click below to take the first step towards registration and learn more about what you are saving.

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